TR Groovemaster

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"007" Prince Tony All Stars
A Love We a Deal With Prince Muhammad
A Prayer To Jah Gladiators
A So We Stay Errol T. - Prince T.
A You Mr Fenniegan / Version Ranking Joe
Africa For The Africans U-Roy
Africa Is Calling The Morwells
African Girl Barry Brown
African Message U-Roy
After Laughter Noel Brown
After Mid-Night The Peaches
Ain't Got No Money Owen Gray
Ain't That Loving You * U-Roy
Alive Toney Robinson & Richard Ace
Alone The Dream Team
Any Man Can Be a Fool Ronnie Davis
Areline You a Dream Trinity
Axe Man Version U-Roy
Babylon Burning U-Roy
Babylon In Dub Junior Brown With Ranking Ruebin
Babylon Must Fall / Version Desmond Irie
Babylon No Jester Jackie Brown
Babylon River U-Roy featuring Brent Dowe
Babylon Street Gladiators
Back Off Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Back Yard Meditation Gladiators
Badie Boo U-Roy
Bam Bam Yellowman
Bam Bam Lulu Jackie Brown
Bang Bang Lulu Jackie Brown
Bellyful Gladiators
Best In The Business Yellowman
Beware Jah Is Watching You Yabby Youth
Beware Of The Lion Head The Groove Master
Big Wheel The Groove Master
Big Youth Special Big Youth
Black Saturday Gladiators
Black Sunday Prince Toney All Star
Blackman Message Big Youth
Bleaching Cream Barrington Spence
Blessed Are The Peacemakers Tinga Stewart & Prince Mohammed
Blessed For They That Dwellleth With Love George Nooks featuring Tinga Stewart
Book Of Truth Jah Lloyd
Boss Version I-Roy
Bound In Chain The Clarendonians
Brown Girl Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Burr Head Rasta Barrington Spence
Burro Dread The Groove Master
Buttercup Winston Scotland
Butter Move Mellow Yellow
Call On Me Delroy Wilson
Can You Imagine How I Feel Gladiators
Can't Get Over Tony Tuff
Casa Boo Boo Count Sticky
Chaga Chaga Warrior Dave Robinson
Chains Version Stud All Stars
Chalice In The Palace U-Roy
Chatty Chatty Mouth Gladitors
Children Don't You Cry Barrington Spence
Children Of Man Jah Lloyd
Close By Your Side Jackie Brown
Cocaine Jah Lloyd
Collie Stuff / Collie Dub Chosen Few
Come Home Little Girl U-Roy featuring Naggo Morris
Come Home Little Girl / Version Naggo Morris
Control Tower U-Roy
Counting My Blessing Gladiators
Creation / Dub Desmond Irie
Cry Over You Owen Gray
Crying Over You Delroy Wilson
Curfew Rub a Dub Toney All Stars
Cuts Gladiators
Dance Version Tony's All Stars
Darling Dry Your Eyes Barrington Spence
Dat In Court Barrington Spence
Daughter Like It Hot Roman Stewart
Daughter Version Tony All Stars
Den Gone Back Stabbing Ranking Joe
Determination Owen Gray
Dis Ya Sounds Jah Lloyd
Disco Dub Prince Toney All Star
Disco Dub Prince Tony's All Stars
Do You Remember Owen Gray
Do You Remember U-Roy
Do Your Own Thing Winston Cole
Don't Cry Tony All Stars
Dread Down a Labby Grove The Groove Master
Dread Head Jackie Brown
Dread In A Festival Big Youth Groove Master All Stars
Dread Like It Dub The Groove Master
Dread Locks Dread U-Roy
Dread Locks Dread Festival Big Youth
Dread Organ Big Youth
Dread Up In A Shanty Town Owen Gray
Dreadlocks The Time Is Now Gladiators
Dream Of Me Cynthia Richards
Dream Team [Jungle] The Dream Team
Dream Under Heavy Manners The Groove Master
Dreams Owen Gray
Drive Her Home * U-Roy
Drum & Bass A Wah The Young Gal Want Big Youth
Dry Your Eyes - Dub The Groove Master
Dry Your Weeping Eyes Gladiators
Duke Of Earl Brent Dowe & Top Cat
Dungeon Winston Shan
Dup-Up a Daughter Dennis Alcapone
Economic Crisis Trinity
Eli Eli Gladiators
Everybody Needs Love Slim Smith
Everybody Plays The Fool Chosen Few
Evil Doers Gladiators
Evil Doers U-Roy
Exodus Gladiators
Extra Careful Barrington Spence
Extra Dub Soul Syndicates
Fade Away Lloyd Sparks
Fat Beef Skank Young Dellinger
Fine Style Dennis Alcapone
Fire Down a Town Trinity
Fire In a Trenchtown U-Roy featuring Owen Gray
Fire In a Trenchtown / Dub Owen Gray
Fly Away Gladiators
Fly Little Silver Bird / Dub Gregory Isaacs
Fly Robin Fly Toney & The Sweet Bunch
For Every Man There Is a Woman Tony Tuff
Free From Chains Prince Jazzbo
Freedom Fighter The Morwells
Fussing & Fighting Triston Palmer
Fussing And Fighting / Version Gladiators
Get It On / Instrumental Barrington Spence
Get Ready Gladiators
Getti Getti No Want It Barrington Spence
Getty Getty Barrington Spence
Ghetto Love Trinity
Ghetto Nation Richard Ace
Ghetto Youth Ranking Joe
Girl Called Clover / Version Young Al Capone
Girl Named Dora Barry Brown
Girl On My Mind Earl Sixteen
Girl Your Love Is Hot But Your Sex Is Not Brent Dowe
Girls Girls Girls Tony Tuff
Go Deh Natty / Dub Barrington Spence
Go On Tony Tuff
Go There Natty U-Roy
God Bless Gladiators
God Is Standing By Dellinger
Good Times Tony Tuff
Goodbye Baby (Don't Want To See You Cry) / Dub Brent Dowe / Talen Family
Greatest Love Gladiators
Guts Gladiators
Happiness Barry Brown
Have Mercy Earl Sixteen
Have Mercy U-Roy
Have Some Fun Girl Tony Tuff
Hearsay Gladiators
Hello Carol Gladiators
Hello Good Looking Tony Tuff
Her Majesty Version 3 Ranking Joe
Herb Man Corner Earl Sixteen
Herbman Skanking U-Roy featuring Gladiators
Here Comes The Heart Aches Delroy Wilson
Herpes Take Over Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Hide & Seek / Version Chosen Few
High School Dance Hubert Lee From The Clarendonians
High School Serenade Lennox Brown
Hip Hip Hooray O.J. Pancho
Hold Up Your Head Barry Brown
Holiday Ride Gladiators
Holiday Ride Jam Rock All Star
Holiday Ride / Dub Rob Smarley
Holy Mount Zion Earl Sixteen
Honesty Tony Tuff
Honour Your Mother Yellowman
Hook Yourself Youthman Ronald Wilson & Winston Scotland
Hope It's True Tony Tuff
Hostages Audio Funk M.C.
Hot Up Daughter The Groove Master
Hotter Reggae Yellowman
House Of Dread Locks Big Youth
How Did You Know / Version Raphael Gray With The Carib Beat
I Am Glad Delroy Wilson
I Am The One Earl Sixteen
I Can't Fly Toney & The Sweet Bunch
I Can't Love Another U-Roy
I Care Ronald Wilson With Tony All-Stars
I Don't Know Tony Tuff
I Feel Sorry / Instrumental Brad Lundey
I Forgive You Richard Ace
I Got To Tell You Goodbye U-Roy
I Love The Way You Love / Version Chosen Few
I Man A Nyah The Young John Dellinger
I Must Have You Toney All Stars
I Need You Richard Ace
I Need Your Loving Tony Tuff
I'm Getting Divorce Yellowman
I'm Leaving Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
I'm a Man Of My Word Keith Poppin
I've Been In Love / Version Delroy Wilson
I've Seen You Everywhere I Go Barrington Spence
If I Can't Have You Richard Ace
If You Should Leave Me U-Roy
Instrumental Prince Tony's All Stars
International Punk Rocker Audio Funk M.C.
Irie Feeling Toyan
It a Go Dread Prince Tony
It's All In The Game Owen Gray
It's a Changing World Earl 16
Its Alright Dave Barker
Its There Too Tony Tuff
Jah Children U-Roy featuring Wayne Jarrett
Jah Children Shall Be Free Wayne Jarrett
Jah Find Babylon Guilty Junior Brown With Ranking Ruebin
Jah For All Barrington Spence
Jah Jah U-Roy featuring Wayne Jarrett
Jah Jah Children Jackie Brown
Jah Jah Go Before Us Gladiators
Jah Jah Train Owen Gray
Jah Jah Train / Version Barrington Spence
Jah Lion Jah Lloyd
Jah Son Of Africa U-Roy
Jah Under Manners Groover Master
Jah Warning Prince Toney
Jah Works Gladiators
Jah-O Jah-O Gladiators
Jam Rock [Version] Tony Tuff
Jennie My Love / Version 2 Prince Toney
Jerk Pork Skank The Groovemaster
John Left Is Merina In The Arena Ranking Joe
John Never See Them A Come Ranking Joe
Jones Town Girl Lloyd Parks
Jones Town Massaca Richard Ace
Jumping Shadow Trinity
KT 88 Version Tony All Star
Kaya Ketch a Fire George Nooks
Keep On Doing It We The People Band
Keep On Running Delroy Wilson
Keep On Skanking Winston Scotland
Kick The Bucket Keith Poppin
King Tony Special I-Roy
Know Yourself Mankind Gladiators
La La At The End Chosen Few
La La La At The End Norman Brown & The Chosen Few
Lagos Rock U-Roy
Let Jah Be Praised Gladiators
Let Locks Grow Barrington Spence
Let Me Be There / Version Carolene Davis
Let's Get It On Barrington Spence
Lice In a Dread Ansel Collins
Life In The Ghetto Yellowman
Light Up You Spliff George Nooks
Lightening Flash (Weak Heart Drop) Big Youth
Lion Head Jackie Brown
Listen To The Teacher U-Roy
Little Miss Mophet Tony
Living In Sweet Jamaica Jackie Brown
Living Just a Little Barrington Spence
Looks Is Deceiving Gladiators
Love And Unity Barry Brown
Love Galore Jackie Brown
Love Gamble U-Roy
Love His Strong Slim Smith
Love In The Arena U-Roy
Love In The Ghetto Linval Thompson
Love Is Not a Gamble U-Roy
Love Me Strong Keith Smith
Love Version Groovemaster All Stars
Lovely Woman Tony Tuff
Lovers Take Over Yellowman
Loving Natty Ranking Joe
Mafia Barry Brown
Mafia Rock Toney's All Stars
Maga Dog Prince Muhamid
Majesty In Bed Dennis Alcapone
Make Way For The Young Folks Chosen Few
Mama Don't Worry Courtney Melody
Mammy Hot & Daddy Cold The Groovemasters
Mammy Hot And Daddy Cold Big Youth
Mankind Version Gladiators
Marcus Garvey / Version Burning Spear
Marcus Garvey Dread Big Youth
Marijuana Special U-Roy
Marvel Not Gladiators
Mash It Up Ranking Joe
Merrily Gladiators
Message To Mary Jackie Brown
Miss Jones Clinton Ferron & The Gladiator
Mix Up Gladiators
Mona Lisa Triston Palmer
Money Version Disco Mix Prince Tony
Moonlight Lover U-Roy
More Ball Earl Lindo
More Dogs Than Bones Tony Tuff
Mother In Law Prince Tony
Move Yah The Groove Master / Skin Flesh And Bones
Movin On Big Youth
Mr Fennigan Ranking Joe
Mr Palmer Lloyd & Carey
Mr Slave Driver U-Roy feat Naggo Morris
Mr. Barry Brown Barry Brown
Mr.Branson Ran Away With The Ransom U-Roy
Mrs Jones U-Roy
Music Makers From Jamaica Gladiators
Music Shall Live Earl Sixteen
Musical Hop Delroy [Crutches] Jones
Must Care [Version] Tony's All Stars
My Brother George Nooks
My Days Are Coming Devine Brothers
My Girl Bunny Brown
My Girl Dillinger
My Girl Tony
My Girl Paulette Yellowman
My Little Filly Winston Scotland
My Thing Chosen Few
Mystic Man Barry Brown
Natty BMW Ranking Joe
Natty Don't Fear U-Roy
Natty Dread A Wah The Young Gal Want Big Youth
Natty Dread She Want / Version Big Youth
Natty Dread a No Bandooloo Trinity
Natty Go De Groove Master feat U Roy
Natty In The Country U-Roy feat Naggo Morris
Natty Jump Over Manners All The President Man
Natty Kung Fu U-Roy
Natty Locks Groovemasters
Natty Rebel U-Roy featuring Gladiators
Natty Rebel [Jungle] U-Roy
Natty Roots Linval Thompson
Natty Roots Man Tony Tuff
Natty Sell a Million / Version Nickademous
Natty Step It In The Country Ranking Joe
Natural Love Earl 16
Naturality Gladiators
Navel String Cutter Ranking Joe
Never Get Away Ranking Joe
Never Let Me Go Owen Gray
New Song Gladiators
Nice And Easy Prince Tony All Stars
Nice Time Triston Palmer
Nice Up The Disco Tony Robinson
Night Owl / Version Lee Hubert & The Clarendonians
Night Owl [Version] Jamaica All Stars
No Admittance Employees Only Version Tony's All Stars
No Disturbance Gladiators
No More African War U-Roy featuring Gladiators
No Wrong Ideas Gladiators
Notty Locks Groovemaster
Now You Come Running Back Ken Boothe
Nyah Bingi Marchng On / Version Gladiators
Nyah Dub Zap-Pow
O.J. Deh Pon Street Brent Dowe
Off The Wall Bunny Brown
On The Scene Young Al Capone
On The Track Winston Scotland
One Draw Ranking Joe
One Eyed Jack Tony All Stars
One Love Gladiators
Pablo Mercy Delroy Wilson
Papa Do It Sweet Lloyd & Patsy
Part Two Delroy Wilson
Peace And Love In The Ghetto U-Roy featuring Ken Boothe
Pickney Connection Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Please Don't Rock My Boat U-Roy
Pocket Money Gladiators
Poverty Earl Sixteen
Power Skank Winston Scotland
Praises To The Most High Gladiators
Press Along Gladiators
Prince At The Control Prince Tony
Prince Toney's Head Gladiators
Prince Tony Disco Mix The Revolutionarys
Prince Tony's Experience Owen Gary
Promise Is a Comfort To a Fool Trinity
Promises Of Comfort Ranking Joe
Proud a We Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Puppet On a String U-Roy
Puss In The Butter Tony All Stars
Quater Pound a Ishens Trinity
Queen Majesty Bunny Brown
Queen Majesty Chosen Few
Quick & Slick Winston Scotland
Quiet Place Ken Boothe
Radies Connection Toyan
Rain Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Rainbow Gladiators
Ranking Joe Steal The Show Ranking Joe
Rasta Ambassador U-Roy
Rasta Determination Trinity
Rasta Moving Out a Babylon Owen Gary
Rasta Moving Out a Babylon Yellowman
Rebel DJ Ranking Joe
Rebel Version Tony All Stars
Red, Green And Gold Gladiators
Reggae Jamboree Gladiators
Reggae Party / Part II The Morwells
Reggae Stuff Chosen Few
Reggae To Bone Gladiators
Respect Your Mother Barry Brown
Rich Man Gladiators
Rise Rasta The Unforgettable
Rivers Of Babylon Brent Dowe
Road Block King Mellow Yellow
Rock To It Tony Tuff
Rocking Vibration Gladiators
Rocking Vibration U-Roy
Row Your Boat Winston Sinclair
Rub Up a Daughter Dennis Alcapone
Rub a Dub Style Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Rude Boy Ska Gladiators
Run Dem Gladiators
Run Run Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
Runaway Girl U-Roy
Running Around Town With Tom, Dick and Harry U-Roy featuring Ken Boothe
Same Song Everyday / Part II Brent Dowe From The Melodians
Samson The Strongest Man Trinity
Sata-Masa-Gana Ranking Joe
Save Our Souls Tony Tuff
Say You Naggo Morris
Say You U-Roy feat Naggo Morris
Say You Gonna Love Me Trevor Brown & Harry Young Minors
Sea Of Love Heptones
Second That Emotion Chosen Few
Send Me The Pillow Jackie Brown
Shadow Under Manners Trinity
She Is Gone Richard Ace
Ship With a Captain Gladiators
Silver Bird U-Roy
Silver Bird Instrumental The Groove Master
Sister Jenny Little Bop
Sit a Wonder Triston Palmer
Sitting On The Ritz Mellow Yellow
Skylarking King Mellow Yellow
Slave Earl Sixteen
Slavery Barry Brown
Small Axe / Version U-Roy
So Jah Jah Say U-Roy
Solomon King Mellow Yellow
Some Like It Dread Big Youth
Some Like It Dread The Groovemasters
Some Thing On My Mind Wayne Jarrett
Sometimes Lover Triston Palmer
Song In My Head Gladiators
Sorry Sorry The Groove Master
Soul Rebel Gladiators
Sound Track La La La Tony's All Stars
Speak Softly Barrington Spence
Special Request Jah Lloyd
St.Anne Collie Jah Lloyd
Stand Unite / No More War Gladiators
Stand Up For Your Rights Yellowman
Station To Station Lloyd Young
Staying Alive Richard Ace
Step It In a Africa Trinity
Step It Out a Yard U-Roy featuring Gregory Isaacs
Stick The Beef Dellinger
Stick a Bush Gladiators
Stop Before You Go Gladiators
Stop In The Name Of Love Delroy Wilson
Straight To Yellow Man Ranking Joe
Strictly Rub-a-Dub Ranking Joe
Strike Strike Strike Lloyd Parks
Stronger Than Love Keith Popping
Struggle Gladiators
Substitute Richard Ace
Sugar Plum Trinity
Sun Get So Red Barry Brown
Super Duper Earl Sixteen
Super Sexy King Mellow Yellow
Sweet For My Sweet Delroy Wilson
Sweet Jamaica Ranking Joe
Sweet Jamaica Version Tony's All Stars
Sweet Memories Tony Tuff
Sweet So Till Gladiators
Sweet Sugar Plum Plum Trinity
Taga War a Yard Jackie Brown
Take It Easy With Six Keith Smith
Tangle Locks The Groove Master
Tears Of a Clown Chosen Few
The Best Things In Life Gladiators
The Clip The Kingstonians
The Great Psalms U-Roy
The Humble One Jah Lloyd
The Loving Feeling Ranking Joe
The Message Barrington Spence
The Price Is Right Audio Funk M.C.
The Race Gladiators
The Same Old Song / Version Brent Dowe & The Melodians
The Tide Is High U-Roy featuring Gregory Isaacs
The Warriors Gladiators
Them Gone Back Stabbing Ranking Joe
Thief In The Night Gladiators
This Spliff Gladiators
Through Me a Kiss Dave Barker
Throw Me a Kiss Dave Barker
Tide Is High Gregory Isaacs
Time Of Weeping Jah Lloyd
Tip From The Prince I-Roy
Tired Of This Life Tony Tuff
Tom Drunk Toney's All Stars
Tom Drunk U-Roy
Tradition Earl Sixteen
Tradition Trinity
Train To Rhodesia Big Youth
Travelling Man U-Roy
Travelling Natty Ranking Joe
Treat Me Right Brent Dowe / Prince Tony
Trench Town Girl Lloyd Parks
Trench Town Rock U-Roy
Trials & Tribulation Jah Earl Locks
Tribute To Bob Marley Ranking Joe
True Version Tony Tuff
Tubbys In Full Swing Lloyd & Kerry
Turning Point / Version Owen Gray
Two To Six Super Mix Yellowman
Under Accord Ranking Joe
Unity Dub Errol Scorcher
Up The Big Hill Ranking Joe
Up Town Thing / Version Trinity
Upful Rasta Man Jah Lloyd
Uptown Thing a Swing Trinity
Use Chiney Brush Barrington Spence
Version Chapter 2 We The People Band
Version Disco Mix Prince Tony
Version Dub Wise Now Generation
Version Dub Wise Tony All Stars
Version Mother You Are Old Young Al Capone
Version Pablo Dread In a Red Augustus Pablo
Vibration Version Gladiators
Walk Out On Me Triston Palmer
Walkie Talkie Trinity
Warrior Gladiators
Wasp Trap Revolutionaries / Dave Robinson
We Can Make It Pat Satchmo
We Can Make It Uptight Peter Touch & Pat
We Got To Be Free Heptones
We Hard Mellow Yellow & Young Ranks
We'll Find The Blessing Gladiators
Wear You To The Ball / Marijuana Special U-Roy
Well Colourful Yellowman
What Did You Say / Version Dennis Alcapone
What's Going On Pat Satchmo
When I Need You Tony All Star
Whip Them Jah Ranking Joe
Who Cares Brent Dowe & Prince Muhammad
Wife And Sweetheart a Friend King Mellow Yellow
Woman Of Samaritan [Sameria] Ranking Joe
Write To Me Gladiators
Yaga War a Yard Jackie Brown
Yellowman Special Yellowman
You Are My Satisfaction U-Roy
You Are Not Alone Brent Dowe & Pancho
You Don't Care Big Youth
You Don't Care Lloyd Sparks
You Don't Say Dennis Alcapone
You Keep On Teasing Me Owen Gray
You No Lucky Chuckie The Unforgettable
You Shouldn't Do It Tony Tuff
You Told Me You Loved Me Tony Tuff
You Too Greedy George Nooks
You Want To Get I Out Nogga Morris And The Heptones
You're The One I Need Richard Ace
You're The One That I Want Richard Ace
Your Love Is Amazing George Nooks
Your Love Is Hot But Your Sex Is Not Pancho
Your Turn To Cry Brent Dowe
Youth Man Promotion Yellowman
Zambia Connection