Tony Robinsons Groovemaster Discography
Virgin (U-Roy) VIRGIN
#VDJ 13A/B

  1. Runaway Girl (U Roy)
  2. Chalice In The Palace (U Roy)

Produced by Prince Tony.
See Dread Ina Babylon

YouTube links may vary from the actual release
Virgin (U-Roy) VIRGIN

  1. Small Axe (U Roy)
  2. Small Axe (Version) (U Roy)

Produced by Prince Tony,

See Rasta Amabassador
Virgin (U-Roy) VIRGIN

  1. Natty Don't Fear (U Roy)
    Babylon Burning (U Roy)
  2. Chalice In The Palice (U Roy)
    Wear You To The Ball (U Roy)
Recorded live at the Lyceum.
'Natty Don't Fear (Live)' is miscredited as 'Runaway Girl (Live)'.
Mixing by Michael Dan.
See Natty Rebel
TR Groovemaster (U-Roy) TR GROOVEMASTER

  1. Pocket Money (The Gladiators)
    Money Version Disco Mix (Prince Tony)
  2. Stand Unite (No More War) (The Gladiators)
    Version Disco Mix (Prince Tony)

Produced and arranged by Tony Robinson.

A slightly different mix from the TR Groovemaster release.
Stand Unite is mislabeled as Evil Doers.
Evil Doers is actually a tracktitle used on Rasta Ambassador which is in fact the DJ version to Pocket Money. The (self titled) track Stand Unite is Gladiators' vocal version of U-Roy's Control Tower also featured on Rasta Ambassador and Jah Son Of Africa.

YouTube links may vary from the actual release