Tony Robinsons Groovemaster Discography
State Line (Audio Funk MC) STATE LINE

  1. International Punk Rocker (Audio Funk M.C.)
  2. Hostages (Audio Funk M.C.)
State Line (Bunny Brown) STATE LINE

  1. Off The Wall (Bunny Brown)
  2. The Price Is Right (Audio Funk M.C.)
State Line (George Nooks) STATE LINE

  1. Your Love Is Amazing (George Nooks)
  2. My Brother (George Nooks)

State Line (Tinga Stewart) STATE LINE

  1. Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Tinga Stewart)
  2. Blessed For They That Dwellleth With Love (George Nooks)

State Line (Trinity) STATE LINE

  1. Walkie Talkie (Trinity)
  2. ???

Also released on:
7" TR Groovemaster
7" State Line

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