Tony Robinsons Groovemaster Discography
Horse Barrington Spence Let Locks Grow HORSE
#HOSS 070A/B

  1. Let Locks Grow (Barrington Spence)
  2. Natty Locks (Barrington Spence)

Horse Barrington Spence Jah Jah Train HORSE
#HOSS 077A/B

  1. Jah Jah Train (Barrington Spence)
  2. Move Yah (Skin Flesh And Bones)

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Horse Barrington Spence Darling Dry Your Eyes HORSE
#HOSS 099A/B

  1. Darling Dry Your Eyes (Barrington Spence)
  2. Dry Your Eyes Dub (Barrington Spence)

Also released on:
7" Groovemaster
Speak Softly